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The smoke ban in all the places of New York raised a great issue in society. Smokers are asked not smoke in most of the pubs and clubs. Recently my friends and I went to the city to celebrate a friend's birthday. We went to a pub in down town which was really good and we were having fun. Two of my friends who are heavy smokers were about to light up their cigarettes when a big sign board reading "SMOKING HERE IS RUDE.DON'T DO IT.", in big red letters caught their attention. Mayor Michael Bloomberg's total indoor smoking ban had my friends this time.

On seeing the sign board my friends went to the bar table and asked the bartender if there was any smoking area, and the bartender replied that they had no smoking room inside and have to go outside the place to smoke. Those two guys felt out of place because of the impolite attitude of the people owning the place towards smokers and wanted to leave.

They came down to us and told what had happened and we left the place straight away and walked into another club, only to find out that smoking was not allowed there either. We ended up staying there and watching my two friends walk out the club every ten minutes for their cigarettes.

The first impression I had in my mind was how rude can the society get towards smokers. I felt they were deprived of their rights. Those letters on the sign board were big and discriminating against the complete community of smokers. In a country where civil rights are given the highest of priorities, this ban shows a perfect example of snatching away the freedom and imposing a new rule on them. Discrimination is word that...