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In the movie "Pleasantiville" Tobey McGuire plays the part of a young boy named David looking for that perfect world like the tv show he watches, called Pleasantville. It's a place where George and Betty (William H. Macy and Joan Allen) raise Bud and Mary Sue with great ease, where the fire department rescues cats from trees, and the weather is always sunny. All this is much better better than David's life, divorced parents, no social life, and an annoying sister, Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon).

All of a sudden a man comes to there door Don Knotts' TV repairman, who gives David a new remote control for their TV, which soon zaps David and Jennifer into the place of Bud and Mary Sue in the TV show Pleasantville. David loves it, but Jennifer starts messing with the natural order of life by having a sexual experience with the star of the basketball team.

After that, the kid starts seeing things in color. He's not the only one -- soon, anyone who has had an experience (sexual or otherwise) begins seeing colors, and being seen in color. The effects of the black and white colour in the movie are very eye-catching. The newly colorized people also get interested in other dangerous things.

The director Gary Ross has made a very interesting movie by using both colour and black & white. Usually people don't see this type of thing in other movies so it adds some interest.

Ross's metaphor sometimes gets a bit obvious, like in the scene where a girl plucks an apple and offers it to Maguire, just before the lightning and thunder start. His images used are used better from other, better movies about the same thing.

The cast is wonderful, with Macy and Allen. Witherspoon is a...