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The book "A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove" is about Carl Matt, this 15 year old boy has to grow up quickly due to his mother's unexplained disappearance. He must also confront his fears and learn to cope with the tasks of life and being social. He has to learn to cope with new experiences and looking after his younger brother Harley Matt, and making sure his Aunt Beryl will continue to give him a roof over his head. As the book progresses he creates new friendships and relationships. He develops a sense of worth and respect which is reflected on him by others.

Carl's mother Kerry usually went on short "holidays" where she would just disappear for a week or two, but she always returned. When Carl had come to terms with his mother, Kerry's disappearance, he then had to deal with his older sister who decided to run away overseas from the responsibility of looking after Carl and Harley.

Carl was then forced with the responsibility of looking after his 10 year old brother Harley. Sarah, Carl's older sister who went overseas, put them on a bus and sent them to live with their Aunt named Beryl.

Eventually whilst living with Aunt Beryl, they eventually got the conclusion that Kerry wasn't ever going to come back and take care of Harley and Carl. Beryl did not cope with this information very well and went on with one of her usual tantrums. Once she had found out that Carl had reached the age where she will no longer receive child benefits from social security. She ordered Carl to leave school and get a job to pay her board, otherwise she threatened to contact social security and get both children into a foster home. So Carl left school and...