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The area where a store is located starts with an action plan; this is the research and gathering of information about the area. Knowing your customers' needs and wants will make finding the correct area and location easy to do, but first you must identify what those needs/wants are. Getting a third party vendor maybe useful, first you can locate one, contact them and then step up a regular standing order with them. Marketing and the dales department will provide the product or service to the client, and market it to make people award. Customer service is propriety, so you would want to educate your sales team to make the formula with the product so that way they can answer your client's questions. The board of directors will implement who will assign the tasks to each department heads for the specific departments to complete to start the building of the organization.

The board of directors will explain how all the departments have a part in creating the best fine food store.

Collaboration is a technique to be mastered between different sections of an organization in order to be successful. Horizontal integration is when an organization acquires one or more similar firms that operate at the same stage of production. These can help an organization remove competition and access to new markets. Horizontal integration is important to the growth of Kudler foods because the specializing in importing foods and wines all over the world, this can give them an opportunity to open into new markets.

Kudler Foods is a small organization based out of Southern California that consistently grows and cut cost. They cut cost by selling local produce, by creating a connection with farmers throughout California to purchase fruit and vegetables at a cheaper cost. Vertical integration is when an...