"Caritas In Veritate" Chapter Two

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“As John Paul II has already observed, the demarcation line between rich and poor countries is no longer as clear as it was at the time of Populorum Progressio. The world's wealth is growing in absolute terms, but inequalities are on the increase”. The Pope is addressing the increasing gap between society’s classes of wealth. He states out in his article about how the wrong form of donations are being diverted from needed areas, and that governments are not reacting to the problems they should be. “Similarly, in the context of immaterial or cultural causes of development and underdevelopment, we find these same patterns of responsibility reproduced. On the part of rich countries there is excessive zeal for protecting knowledge through an unduly rigid assertion of the right to intellectual property, especially in the field of health care”. This is strongly supporting how rich governments are being greedy with their needed funds.

“Many areas of the globe today have evolved considerably, albeit in problematical and disparate ways, thereby taking their place among the great powers destined to play important roles in the future”. He is stressing that the progress of nations in lead world roles is not going forward, technology wise, or economy wise either. The world powers are not helping others, and in it not helping our selves. Leaders of the world have too many irregular polices which are unbalancing countries. After the 80s and 90s, the Pope was looking for more progress in the East, and even in the West. Since essential world power blocs were broken up after the wars, stability rapidly decreased.

“Today, as we take to heart the lessons of the current economic crisis, which sees the State's public authorities directly involved in correcting errors and malfunctions, it seems more realistic to re-evaluate their role and their powers, which need to be prudently reviewed and remodeled so as to enable them, perhaps through new forms of engagement, to address the challenges of today's world”. As the Pope is stating, Governments need to have a more of a checks and balances system, so we can tell them what they are doing wrong and so that problems and situations are taken care of better, hopefully this will fix these problems. He understands that the challenges are not being met, and we must change.

“Such powerlessness is increased by the lack of effective protection on the part of workers' associations”. The Pope is preaching to the governments that we should be allowing our trade unions to do more on their own, and not to have to compensate so much towards their governments, as to increase the pay the workers get, and the organizations, improving the economies of the lower class, and not sending all of the money to the upper class. The Pope also introduces the mobility or instability of the labor, how this is a big problem as people need to feel secure, to boost the world’s motivation during these economic times.

“Life in many poor countries is still extremely insecure as a consequence of food shortages, and the situation could become worse: hunger still reaps enormous numbers of victims among those who, like Lazarus, are not permitted to take their place at the rich man's table”. The Pope wants local communities to make better choices and decisions to help sustain others around this world for a long term run. Water and food is a universal right to all humans, and we must draw arms together to help others that aren’t meeting this right currently. This is what the Pope is trying to point out that we need to do our parts.

“One of the most striking aspects of development in the present day is the important question of respect for life, which cannot in any way be detached from questions concerning the development of peoples”. The Pope is speaking out against aborition, and stating how poverty causes a high rate in infant death, and practices of demographic control by governments to promote contraception even when they can’t control the money people have. Practicing sterilization and abortion is not a solution. The world needs to join together and help support regions to help sustain life, this everyone deserves, “Openness to life is at the centre of true development”.

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