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Cell Phone Marketing Chuck Minken Presentation By: Krista How cell phone companies are currently marketing themselves Shirley How cell phone companies have marketed themselves in the past Cedric How and why have they Repositioned them selves Gordon Where the different companies have positioned them selves in the market Clint Company standings, who and why they are on top Ali Rankings of web pages, adds, service? Steve Money, company growth, user income Seminar Format For our presentation on cell phone marketing our main presentation tool will be power point. We are hopping to take advantage of the digital projector, if that is unavailable we will be able to use the overhead projector. Throughout our power point presentation we will have paper ads and pamphlets for the class to pass around to show how the different service providers portray them.

Krista will be responsible for explaining how companies are currently marketing themselves to the public.

She will ask the class how they view the different companies and why, is one ?cooler? than the others, made for business people and so on. Krista will proceed to inform the class on the information she found and how the different corporations are trying to market themselves, and if they are being successful or not.

Shirley will present how cell phone companies have marketed themselves in the past and how they have developed. For this topic Shirley will quiz the class to see if they?re as smart as they think. Who was the first cellular provider in Canada? Who was the first to bring out digital services (email, email, wireless web)? Shirley will present to the class the history of the major cell phone companies in Canada, and they?re past marketing strategies.

Cedric will present to the class how and why companies have repositioned themselves.