Children of Divorce

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Children are our future. They will grow and inherit our great Earth. Many times, we forget this, but it does not change that fact. We, as a nation, should do everything in our power to make sure children are raised with strong foundations. It is sad that so many children these days are growing up without the constant of a parent because of divorce. Nobody would question that parents who do not raise their children as a couple love their children less than those who do. However, they are not giving their children the security they need in today's world and are starting them on their life long journey towards adulthood at huge disadvantages.

Children are at a huge disadvantage when they are raised as children of divorce. The statistics are well known that they run a much higher chance of becoming teenage parents, having behavior problems, and having problems with law enforcement officers.

If it were within your power to prevent these things as a parent, I would think you would do anything to stop them. Instead, we have a new age of temporary marriages that are putting children at risk.

Children have inquisitive minds. They know when something isn't right and it upsets them. A child who goes to school and hears wonderful stories about other children's families is going to resent that they don't have those families as well. Every child has a desire to be in a family setting that consists of child, mom, and dad. Children that do not have this desired family structure become depressed and display behaviors of acting out. These same children may then be labeled as troublemakers or bad kids when all they really want is the kind of family that everyone else seems to have.

Nothing can replace two...