Children's World.

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Children's World Learning Center.

Upon my arrival to the classroom at Children's World, the young children were just waking up from their afternoon nap. As the children woke up Miss Kristen allowed the children to play, until all their classmates were awake. I watched Susie with blond curly locks sit at the activity table, playing with three boats; yellow, orange and red. As Susie was playing with her boats, a young girl approaches her wearing blue jeans and a purple top with her hair in braids named Jessica. Jessica takes all three of Susie's boats away from her, and Susie just looked at her and remained sitting at the activity table with nothing in front of her. There is still one boy sleeping on the cot wearing a blue top and khaki short, missing a shoe! He slowly wakes up to see his classmates playing. Miss Kristen asked David if he needed to use the restroom and he replied "no".

Miss Kristen told the children it was clean up time because they were going to have snacks.

For clean up time, Miss Kristen, puts on some music to help the children along, she begins to sing along with it, and the children try to keep up singing along. Jessica is in front of me putting toys away, she is putting the plastic boats in the boat container, she fills it up and then opens the lid, and the boats go everywhere. She looks at me to see my reaction; I encourage her and help her clean them up again. Again, she opens the lid and lets the boats spill everywhere, repeating this three more times!! Jessica then turns and laughs, she then goes searching for her blanket which Miss Kristen has put away, and reminds Jessica there are no...