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Christ Is The Answer John Saward Christ's life has been documented and studied for many years, in an effort to understand not only his mission but his message. Theologians have tried to uncover the mystery of Christ, so that Christians will engage their faith in the right direction. For many Christians each step of their faith needs direction. John Saward's book Christ Is The Answer is an attempt to step by step explain: What Christ is?, Who he is?, and What he means to man. "This book is an introduction to Christ and Christianity based on the teaching of the man Roman Catholics believe to be the Vicar of Christ and the Teacher of All Christians."( Saward , xxvii ) To fully understand Christ, is to understand his presence in the Trinity, his relationship with the Virgin Mary, the Church, the Eucharist , and what these all mean to man.

" 'Christocentricity' is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as 'the state of having Christ at the Centre'. " (Saward , 1 ) Through many swamps of confusion and distractions of daily life, Christ has been and will always be the answer to life. That answer can easily be forgotten and pushed aside by routines. Even if it is forgotten or lost in the fog, Christ's work is still very visible to this day. This is visible through the work of John Paul II. From the very beginning of Pope John Paul II's Pontificate, he stressed the importance of Christocentricity. "The opening words of his first encyclical state the truth upon which all his teaching is built: ' The Redeemer of man , Jesus Christ is the centre of the universe and of history'. " ( Saward , 11 ) The Pope did not rest after stating his first...