Cities: advantages and disadvantages!

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City is expected to be a best place where everyone can reach such better living conditions. Many people have been moving from their hometown in the countryside to start finding a chance in a big city. One of its advantages is that the city gives out many good conditions and environment for education, especially for youth. Moreover, there are great numbers of employment offered widely to everybody. However, pollution in big cities is such a big concern for many people.

People can receive a good education in big cities. The first point is that many universities have different subjects. As a result, students can have more choices for their future careers. Secondly, a good environment for study is also given. For example, laboratories with modern equipments, libraries with thousands of books can really help students improve their knowledge considerably. Following this, scholarships are often awarded to help poor students continue their study or just simply a present for the best.

Consequently, students are encouraged strongly to try their best in studying.

Great numbers of employments are provided to everyone in big cities. Firstly, the industrialization has given a lot of new jobs such as services, advertising and marketing. As a consequence, opportunities to work in those brand new fields are widely suggested to everyone. Afterward, multinational companies have been coming to cooperate and set up economic relationships with the country. Factories and branches are opened in the city as a result. This has led to appealing offers of large number of jobs for many dwellers.

However, pollutions are bad sides that make cities' faces become much worse and dangerous. The most important point is air pollution. This urgency was caused mainly by the irresponsibility of human's doings. To demonstrate, each person living in the city can produce about...