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Milan Sketers

January 16, 2014

Why I Must To Go To College

I've always dreamed about attending college since I was a small child. I realized at a young age how important education is as well as, giving back to those who helped and inspired me to become the young, intelligent woman that I'm now becoming. Experiencing college life will be quite an adjustment for me, but I clearly understand that any goals and objective you have in life is worth fighting for by humbling yourself. By attending college it will open many possibilities for me such as a career in criminal justice and becoming a federal bureau investigator working for the United States Government. However, I can think of many reasons why I must attend college but I'll summarize it briefly.

Firstly, I'm the oldest of three siblings and I must set an positive example for them. I can teach them the process of college applications, how to receive good grades in high school and how to remain focused in school.

As I'm aware, there will be many tasks I will have to achieve in college and I will be able to assist my siblings transition to college to be a little less stress for them. My parents and siblings have always been very encouraging to me on focusing, having good grades, and anything in life worth wanting is worth fighting for. When my siblings were younger, I used to babysit them while my parents went out to places or after school while my parents were at work. It was a great opportunity to bond with them and understand them more. I continued to tutor my younger siblings when they needed help with homework or if it was a simple math problem. I wanted my siblings to learn at...