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Conflict resolution is a tool that can be used in most situations and with most types of disputes. If everyone thought the same, looked the same, and acted the same, conflict would probably not exist. On one hand, the diversity and differences between team members can enhance the intellectual and cultural aspects of a project. But, on the other hand, these same differences can escalate issues if specific guidelines are not set to help avoid them. Understanding the different types of conflicts will make it easier to manage the conflict situations. Conflicts will occur with indifference to our best intentions. There is no one fits all solution the will specifically deal with every type of team conflict that can exist. The ability of the team members to effectively identify and apply the appropriate resolution is critical to the success of the teams' defined goals. Although conflicts will arise, it is possible to resolve conflicts and disagreements by clarifying expectations, keeping open communication, and encouraging feedback among its members.

The diversity of ideas, talents, and experience with a team is the focal difference between working independently and as part of a group.

A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. Members of teams should focus on the successful fruition of the defined goal or goals, not only of the individual but, more importantly, the team as a whole. To have a successful team we need to consider certain factors. First, what is the character and personality of each member? Understanding the nuances of your partners is beneficial when working to complete individual and joint tasks. Members need to be responsible for the task and or tasks they are assigned. A breakdown in responsibility can be detrimental to the defined common goal or goals and...