Critizing the islamic faith.

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Opinion on Islams due to Sept. 11 attacks

The article was taken of an internet at They say their committed to their readers and will only print truthful and valid articles, which is stated in their ethics code. Citizen Times is an actual paper serving the whole community of North Carolina, but they have a website which offers all articles at no charge, so this is a great median for the public. Their website is widely known across the east for its breaking news and ethical articles. The visual in this article is Franklin Graham holding his arm up, to me he looks like he's saying "see its written proof that Islam's are allowed to kill anyone who threats their religion." The article is five pages long and composed of very specific details and quotes, so the story is really excellent for obtaining the readers attention/attention span.

It seems to be that the major advertisers of the website are: Century 21, Harley Davidson, some community banks, USA Today, and a health service.

The whole Harley Davidson concept is "this is American as it can get." This article deals with Franklin Graham, Billy Grahams son who is a world renowned Christian, and the most predominant faith in America is Christianity. So I view this as saying we're a 100% American, but the websites ethic code states that they will strive to include all sides relevant to a story and not take sides in a news coverage, so this could just be a simple basic advertisement.

I view the basic target audience for this news broadcasting company as being on a 95% American basis. I mean I never knew about this website until I was searching for it, so what makes it more out in the open for any...