Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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Camila Hernandez

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Since the beginning of the centuries, there has existed cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is when there are different kinds of people, like religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc. in a society. Cultural Diversity has also and continues to cause problems specifically in the workplace. This is called overcoming intercultural barriers. It results in riots, boycotting, lawsuits, etc. Many companies through out history have had to deal with these kinds of problem.

In 2007, Muskogee Phoenix, Oklahoma Jeremy Ogans began working for Dal-Tile of Muskogee. In 2011, he filed charges against his employer, Dal-Tile, with the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) because he felt there was racial discrimination in his work environment. Jeremy was the only African American working at the time. Jeremy said that his coworkers harassed him. They went so far as to hanging a noose hanging in the office.

Jeremy says he went to speak to a supervisor about this but nothing was done to fix this problem and the noose continued hanging for several days. Jeremy then reported this again to his supervisors but still nothing was done. The Dal-Tile Company failed to create a non-hostile workplace. The Dal-Tile Company states that their company "prides itself on having a diverse work force and will not tolerate any type of discrimination or harassment in the workplace."

Dal-Tile should now take immediate precautions in order to overcome these intercultural barriers. For their settlement, they should create a position where there is a person in charge of handling these kinds of problems, not just racial discrimination but all types of discriminations. They should have disciplinary rules that must be signed in order to work at Dal-Tile that have their employers agree to not perform any kind of discrimination and if...