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Surveys are an integrated method to achieve exceptional results in the marketplace. Professional researchers use these six modes - advertising, direct marketing, events and experience, personal selling, Public Relations and publicity, and sales promotion. Each segment covers different ground within any given environment placing a mix on the variety of student attractions are available. In marketing to students, these are essential needs to build clientele and sales for a program or organization. The motive behind each concept blends into a story or 'brand' that leverages competition between industry leaders.

Coca Cola - Quality Speaks Volumes in Marketing

For example, Coca-Cola uses events and experience as well as advertising and personal selling (Santa Clause ad) to keep its consumers satisfied (CocaCola, 2007). The Coca-Cola may have lacked the strength it holds without these marketing modes. Although these are the same, the dynamics behind each marketing tool heightens the sensitivity of students.

For instance, events and experience puts a company in an interactive setting to provide personal selling as well. It is very important for a company to practice personal selling and publicity methods while hosting an event (CocaCola, 2007). All of these mechanics play a fine tune in gathering loyal consumers or prospecting new ones. The program directors must take time to plan their marketing strategies carefully so funding is not wasted. Each method brings more to the table in success, but implementing the plan means so much more to investors.

Affiliation Marketing - Social Networking

Affiliation marketing techniques involve referrals as well as small businesses with little or no clientele. The formation of a database will wastes their time if the company does not have a system in place to arrange leads. This leads into the mobile vendors such as lunch trucks that visit from area...