Defining E-Business

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Defining E-Business

This paper defines e-business. There are many different avenues of e-business and e-commerce. This paper will go onto explaining the a few different types of e-businesses and how they work. Providing examples will help in understanding how e-business helps a business grow and be known all over the world.

E-business can be described in many different aspects of the term business. Business "has at least three usages, depending on the scope - the general usage (above), the singular usage to refer to a particular company or corporation, and the generalized usage to refer to a particular market sector, such as "the record business," "the computer business," or "the business community" - the community of suppliers of goods and services." (Wikipedia, 2007) E-business is "an overarching term for service, sales, and collaborative business conducted over the Internet, either business-to-consumer or business-to business. Some define e-commerce as a monetary transaction segment of e-business, by in most cases, the terms are synonymous."

(Google, 2007) E-business deals with all business transactions that deal over any and all electronic devices such as computers, MP3's, or PDA's. Electronic mail (e-mail) is a popular internet service that is considered a portion of e-business that is used on a daily basis. E-business is changing the way everyone does business all over the world these days. E-business is about understanding the prospective of having new equipment and skills in one's market and in the supply chain and then reorienting your business to put into action the vision one has always seen. "Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) also includes many other activities such as businesses trading with other businesses and internal processes that companies use to support their buying, selling, hiring, planning, and other activities." (Schneider, 2004. p. 2)

"IBM defines electronic business...