Defintion of the abstract word Disappointment

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Imagine yourself as a young girl dressed in your beautiful dance costume. You are backstage with your friends waiting anxiously to perform. Suddenly your instructor announces that it is time to go on. You have been waiting to do this for months, perfecting each step and especially focusing on your solo. Somehow you've even managed to keep the solo a secret from your parents and are so excited to show them everything you've worked so hard for. As you enter the stage you are blinded by the rows of intense stage lights. After a few moments your eyes begin to adjust, but before you can catch a glimpse of your parents the music begins to play. You perform beautifully, not missing a step. After several minutes of applause you curtsey, and hurry off the stage. All of the girls are greeted backstage with bouquets of flowers and hugs from their proud parents.

You can hardly wait for your parents to come through the door. As the minutes pass and the families begin to disperse you go to the dressing room and change. You return to the stage just as your parents rush in. They explode with apologies for being late but you don't know what to say, you can feel hot tears begin to well up in the corners of your eyes. All you know is that they just missed one of the most important events, so far, in your life. This feeling of being let down and frustration is disappointment.

Disappointment is a powerful emotion. It affects everyone, and cannot be avoided. It is a sense of being letdown, a feeling of dissatisfaction that results when your expectations are not realized or met. To feel disappointed is to be in a state of remorse. Disappointment takes over when...