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By Greg Vasquez


Within this chapter there will be a discussion about Amebiasis as an infection. It will include: a look at the parasite, who can get Amebiasis, how to diagnose and treat an infection, and how one gets the disease.


Amebiasis is caused by the parasite Entamoeba histolytica. To get Amebiasis general one needs to come in direct contact with an infected stool, but it can also be received through infected water. Once the cyst form of the amoeba makes it was in to the small intestine an infection begins.


The populations susceptible to Amebiasis are generally second or third world countries. This is because of the high rate of low quality drinking water. It is endemic in Africa, South America, Mexico, and India. In countries like the U.S. groups who are at risk for get Amebiasis are: homosexual male, travelers to infected regions and institutionalized peoples.


Cysts found in contaminated water, food, or other objects move into the body and when making in to the small intestine start to reproduce. The cysts and trophozoites (babies) feed off what the host eats. The trophozoites then move on to the large intestine where they use binary fission to produce cysts. The cysts are then released out in stools and then go on to contaminate more things, and so the cycle starts again. Trophozoites cannot survive outside the body for a long period of time (no more then a day). If a trophozoite is ingested it will not cause infection because it will die in the stomach. If trophozoites invade the wall of the intestine they can cause serious infection. If they make it in to the bloodstream then they can go on to infect other parts of the body, such as:...