Discuss burtons codes and conventions in Zak Snyder's "Dawn of the Dead."

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The movie transpires in the city of Everett, Wisconsin, where a mysterious epidemic is running rampant through the population. No one knows who the first victims are, or how the virus started, but anyone bitten by an infected individual dies, and then is born again as a mindless ghoul. We never learn much about the origins of the virus. We see glimpses of TV news broadcasts providing coverage of the spreading epidemic, but eventually all that remains on the air is static. This is done to create tension and make the audience feel more vulnerable. There is one scene in the beginning of the film when Ana is in the shower and we the audience see what is happening on the TV, Ana misses it. The director does this to create more suspense and keep the audience interacted. While watching the film the audience will be thinking what's going to happen to her as she missed what's happening on the TV.

A group of five surviving humans - Nurse Ana, cop Kenneth, ordinary guy Michael, and expecting parents Andre and Luda- seek refuge in a local mall. There they encounter a pugnacious security guard, CJ, and his sidekicks, Terry and Bart. The films got all the characters you would expect to see in a zombie movie. The films got a hero, villain, clown, hot chick, etc. This was done because we the audience expect to see these characters in a zombie film. So to fulfil the audience's expectations the director has done this. From the begging of the film we know who the film is going to revolve around. The director has told the audience that Ana has no family, if she did have a family and they died then Ana would not be so strong and her emotions...