The Downfall of Communism: Hypocrisy Destroying Credibility

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Diego Rivera, a devote communist, hired by the Rockefellers to paint a mural in the new Radio City Building in mid town Manhattan. Why would such successful capitalists as the Rockefellers hire Diego Rivera, knowing full well his political agenda in advancing the communist movement? Why would Diego Rivera, a man who hated everything the capitalist Rockefellers stood for, agree to paint the mural in a newly built building that stood for everything capitalism is about? It is quite obvious, the association of the Rockefeller family and Diego Rivera is more deeply rooted than what is laid out to us in historical case studies and documentaries. Either Nelson Rockefeller was a communist sympathizer who wanted to make a martyr out of Rivera's work or, Nelson Rockefeller realized he had a chance to make a statement by showing the world that communist and socialist activists will have no entry into the world of capitalism.

Nelson Rockefeller made Diego Rivera a hypocrite by paying him a huge amount of money for his mural. By destroying Rivera's painting, Rockefeller made his statement loud and clear that communism has no place in American society. While some historians would argue that the Rockefellers were Communist sympathizers, if looked at more closely they would realize that the Rockefellers had no intentions of hosting this mural, they were just turning Diego Rivera into a hypocrite by paying him enormous amounts of money for his work which is the opposite of what Communism believes, Nelson Rockefeller knew full well that Diego Rivera was a political artist who was known world wide for advancing his communist ideals thought his art, due to the fact that he portrayed John D. Rockefeller in a previous work in Mexico as an evil communist, Nelson Rockefeller's wife being a huge fan of Rivera's...