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Maths Driving Test


The data used for my coursework was on driving tests. The information is in table form. The table ahs 6 headings;


"¨Number of 1 hour lessons

"¨Number of minor mistakes




From this spreadsheet I was able to find the average Number of 1-hour lessons and average number of minor mistakes.

The formulas used where:

=AVERAGE(B3:B74) This was used for Average number of hour lessons

=SUM(C3:C242)/227 This was used mean number of mistakes for all the instructors

=MAX(C3:C242)-MIN(C3:C242) This formula was used to find range of mistakes for all the instructors

From the data there are 116 Male drivers and 124 Female drivers. These numbers will be stratified to get 30% of the total number of drivers. There is 13 missing data pieces in the minor mistakes column.

The number of drivers under each instructor was:





This means that if we take 30% of 240 we will get 72 results.

We have to stratify as the data is split into gender and instructor. I will use the same number of males as females. So this means that there will be 36 males and 36 females. As the instructors have different amounts of pupils we will have to take more people from certain instructors.

To find out how many males and females we need from each instructor the following formula is used number of pupils/240*72= sample size. The sample size is then divided by 2 to get the amount of male and female people.

Once I got the sample of 72 people I will test it against some hypotheses.

Hypothesis 1

The more 1 hour lessons you take the less minor mistakes you make.

You can see from this graph that there is a weak negative correlation.

The correlation shows...