Drugs, Dilemmas and Decisions (a verdict and Senario)

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Gerard has gone to a beach party to have a good time. He has gone to this party to socialise with the girls and boys in his grade. Gerard was having a excellent time until his mates offered him some alcohol. Of coarse Gerard is underage to drink alcohol as he was only in high school. Gerard refuses to have some alcohol as he knows he is under the age limit. He later on is teased about being soft by his mates (some sort of friends) and his sister.


Anyone who has gone through what Gerard has just being through has a big problem. Gerard, a high school student got teased by his own mates and his big sister, some family he has! It all comes down to 'Peer Pressure'. Its a small couple of words which are harmful ones. It effects everyone who goes through high school in a group.

Gerard has a possible 1 of 2 answers. Say 'NO' or say 'YES', it is as simple as that. I know all your friends are around you but you, yourself has to have courage to say either no or yes. If you do have the courage to say no, you will be facing the consequences of losing some friends who aren't really friends because they don't let you make your own decisions. But on the other hand if you say yes you are facing big consequences with your life in danger. If Gerard did take these drugs, his body could react in some way which could make him pass out and DIE. As I have not gone through this phase at this point of time, I can't really give you an accurate view on what I would do if Gerard was me but hope...