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What Is E-business?

It refers to selling products /or services over the Internet.

E-business has been the "next big thing." The value of goods and services purchased on-line has risen exponentially over the last 3 years - and research shows that this trend is likely to continue to increase.

E-businesses is becoming an increasingly important selling channel for today's businesses - firms that have always relied on face-to-face customer interaction are launching or planning e-commerce Web sites.

E-business is transforming the way of doing business , The internet is transforming business activities and re-defining business partnerships because it creates enormous opportunities for any company by using the Internet, intranets, cellular phones, mobile other digital technologies to facilitate communication and information exchange between customers, clients, suppliers, employees and other stake holders.

Providing an on-line shopping facility to customers may be one of many solutions in which the Internet can assist any business.

Advantage of E-business;

E-business can bring faster response to customers, global reach to marketer and bring a new opportunity for service and products

Some advantages of E-business are:

1- Process Efficiency: E-business can connect major customers and suppliers to exchange product specification and to supply chain needs.

2- Enhanced decision making: E-business tools simplify and enhance decision making, making by giving a direct access to customer for supply information

3-Strengthened customer loyalty: E-business increases the link between customers and business as well as reduces the support cost.

Because of the importance of E-, this assignment will study the market of big sizes fashion and evaluate Evans and Liz Claiborne site as a customer point of view as well as specify why I use one instead of the other.

2.0 Evaluate the market of big sizes

"A quick look around any shopping mall or tourist venue will illustrate that people...