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In today's society the e-business is virtually necessary for the production of the company. In this case the company will be Travelocity as one of the larger travel companies in the world. Travelocity operates multiple businesses tailored to customers domestically and internationally, offering a large number sites in twelve languages. Since its launch in 1996 Travelocity is one of the largest travel Internet sites. (Tavelocity, 2006)

Travelocity is a leading provider of consumer-direct travel services for the leisure and business traveler. It markets and distributes travel-related products and services directly to individuals through Travelocity and its various brand Web sites and contact centers, and web sites owned by its supplier and distribution partners. (Travelocity, 2006)

Travelocity customers can access offerings, pricing information about airlines, hotels, car rentals companies, cruise lines, vacation and last-minute travel packages, and other travel-related services. For business travelers, Travelocity Business provides the integrated online corporate travel technology and full-service offering of our GetThere product along with the online expertise of Travelocity.

(Travelocity, 2006)

The E-Business can bring a multitude of legal issues. One of the legal issues that can occur when doing e-business will be the age of the users utilizing the website. According to Federal Trade Commission regulations through the children's online Privacy Protection Act. A website must get parent's permission for children under 13 to disclose information. Also, remember that children's under 18 should not be permitted to view information which is adult in nature. In addition, children under 18 may not able to agree to contracts such as website user agreement and purchase contract. (Travelocity, 2006)

One of the primary reasons for having a user agreement is to better address the issues of jurisdiction. Under current law, website owners may be subject to jurisdiction and law in...