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Team A Final Paper

EBUS/400 E-Business


Gun Industry

The gun manufacturing industry is a billion-dollar industry. Team A is going to focus on three major gun manufactures. Remington, Beretta, and Colt are three of the largest manufactures of firearms in the world. Beretta and Colt both have large military and law enforcement contracts. Remington focuses more on the civilian population with hunting. All three produce both rifles and handguns, with Remington and Beretta having a strong hold on the shotgun as well. Team A will describe how the "look and feel" differs for the three Web sites, ease of navigation, and appeal.

Remington Website

The Remington firearms website is laid out well with many features that are appealing to customers. Remington's home page is geared towards hunting, and it features a picture of a large buck that would make any hunter drool.

The buck is an important symbol of Remington's intentions for its firearms. Remington is know for making world-class hunting weapons, so it only makes sense to entice potential customers with pictures of large game animals that can easily be downed with a Remington. The top of the home page is similar to most home pages in the sense that it has several different options to choose from that help the customer navigate around the website, such as products, support, safety, new products, etc… If these options are too broad or not specific enough a customer can also enter key words into a search engine that searches the website for the requested information. The search feature is very valuable because it allows the customer to quickly find any thing that he or she may be searching for.

Navigating around the website is done with ease and little confusion. For instance if...