An Ecotourism brochure for the Montane Cordillera.

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The Montane Cordillera offers a great place for the family to have a great time or just relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Jam-packed with all sorts of wildlife and exotic things to do, this is one vacation your whole family will remember for years after.

Location- Where it is.

The Montane Cordillera covers most of British Columbia and runs a bit into southwestern Alberta

Climate- What type of weather you can expect.

The weather in the Montane Cordillera varies the most out of all the ecozones. To the north of the ecozone the average temperature year round is about 0.5oC, while in the south it is around 7.5oC. Note that the temperature may also vary due to elevation. The western side of the ecozone usually receives 1200 - 1500mm of precipitation while the eastern side receives 300mm in the south and 500 - 800mm in the north.

Size- How big the ecozone is.

The total area of the Montane Cordillera is approximately

461 000 km2

Physical Features- What the ecozone looks like.

This ecozone is made up mainly of

mountains, plains, and plateaus. Therefor the

Montane Cordillera offers a wide variety of

fun activities for the whole family.

Vegetation- The types of plants make up the ecozone.

The plants that grow in the Montane Cordillera vary

with the type of landform they grow on. But the entire area

if made up of mainly coniferous trees. Some examples are

Engelmann spruce, black spruce, and white spruce. There are

also other types of vegetation like; sagebrush, rabbitbrush,

bunchgrass, pinegrass, and bluebunch wheat grass.

Wildlife- What types of wildlife you can expect to



There are a wide variety of animals you can

expect to see in the Montane Cordillera. Some larger

mammals include the common black bear and grizzly...