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Adama Kanu

Communicating through effective listening

The importance of listening in communication is enormous. People often focus on their speaking ability believing that good speaking equals good communication. The ability to speak well is a necessary component to successful communication. The ability to listen is equally as important.

Listening is an essential part if oral communication.to be effectively listening to anyone the care work needs to be sure they are 'actively listening. Actively listening is way of maximising effectiveness when communicating. Active listening not only means listening attentively but making sure that the other person knows the care worker is listening. [1]

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly saying "uh huh" when one of these folks is trying to tell you something only to have say just after "I'm sorry what did you say?" Have you been in a conversation with one of them and you are not really listening completely to what they have to say because you are too busy formulating your response?

Focusing on the individual- when you focus it involves things such as showing the speaker all your attention, letting them know you respect and valued what they have to say.

Appropriate body language- this involves movement (gestures) such as leaning forward , towards them , having nice structure and not fidgeting while someone is speaking

Maintaining eye contact -keeping eye contact while in a conversation shows effective listening as it shows the speaker the listener is engaged and understands everything being said in the conversation

Appropriate facial expressions- involves things such as smiles, which will allow the speaker to feel welcomed and that the listener is paying attention to what they been saying.

Allowing sufficient time- will allow the speaker to feel they are valued and have their chance to...