Effective Delegation

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This paper discusses the use and processes for effective delegation.


Delegation is a skill we have all hear about but few of us fully understand. Delegation can be used either as an excuse for dumping failure onto the shoulders of subordinates, or as a tool for motivating and training team members to realize their potential. Management delegation is a difficult subject for me to write about within my organization because of the disorganization of that delegation and the manager responsible for it. Too often tasks are delegated inappropriately or irresponsibly rather than effectively. The Controller of our company, also my direct supervisor, who is responsible for day to day operations of the accounting/finance department as well as my position among other things, often delegates tasks to our accounts payable clerk that would better be suited for a reception or data entry position which in effect wastes her time and causes her to have the need to reorganize her own day to day tasks.

Often He will ask her to type a memo to staff or enter information into a spread sheet unrelated to accounting or payables rather than doing it himself or passing it on to a less disruptive position. The CEO of our company, who is responsible for supervision of the field operations as well as estimating and design departments, often has difficulty delegating because he has little faith in the abilities of some of his employees and often gives too much responsibility to a person who often gets overwhelmed with the amount of complex duties he is already responsible for. The President of the company, who is primarily responsible for land acquisitions, often tries to hide tasks that could be easily delegated to any number of other people. The Secretary of the company, who is responsible...