Essay abut the history of the great Sphinx, its mystery and secrets.

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"Stars fade like memory the instant before dawn. Low in the east the sun appears, golden as an opening eye. That which can be named must exist. That which is named can be written. That which is written shall be remembered. That which is remembered lives. In the land of Egypt Osiris breathes..."

I believe many people on Earth are now wondering about different things: unsolved mysteries, breathtaking myths, abnormal features, etc. Many of us who knows at least a little bit about Egypt, Sphinx and Giza Pyramids, are swallowed by those mysterious monuments, because non of us know for sure what really happened and when. I wish I could be in that mystifying place and watch from the far how the Great Sphinx was built. I wish I could be one of those scientists who got to see the inside treasure of that famous statue and Pyramids of Giza.

Some scientists believe that Sphinx was built around 2500 B.C., at the same time three Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed. No doubt there is a connection between all those mysterious and perfect work of architecture. Is the Sphinx of prehistoric origin? Why was it built? In this provocative, rigorously argued report, revisionist Egyptologists Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods, and Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery, join their hard work to answer many questions along the way while they examine the Sphinx, or like it was called by Egyptians - Harmarchis, which means 'Horus-in-the-Horizon', and its relation to the other monuments of the Giza plateau. They put together a book - The Message of the Sphinx: a Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind, which was published by Three Rivers Press, New York in 1996.

In this exciting account of historical and archaeological investigation, the...