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A Plea for Evolution Disclaimer: This paper was written from the perspective of an atheistic person in order to transmute myself to a higher plane. Through this transmutation, I was able to view the topic in an unbiased way.

A strong religious conviction and plain ignorance causes most disbelief in evolution. Religions tend to impose themselves upon society and have a great influence on the way people think. As Karl Marx once put it, religions are the "Opiate of the masses". In other words, religion controls people. Sometimes people believe so blindly, that they can't see the facts. Evolution is occurring and has been documented. Many however, have not been shown the truth.

There so much evidence for evolution, that it is obvious that it evolution exists. The main evidence is fossils. Fossils can show us how a species has changed over time. You can analyze the bone structure of an extinct organism, date it, and compare it to its modern day counterpart.

By analyzing the fossils, you can see how the organism changed over time. This gradual change is evolution.

Other evidence can be derived from living organisms. Homologous structures are structures that are basically the same but belong to different species. This similar structure suggests that these organisms might have a common ancestor; perhaps evolution took place. Another example of evolution in organisms is vestigial organ, or organs that serve no use. This suggests the fact that at one time they were needed, but the organism has now evolved to not need them. Biochemical analysis of the animals DNA can help to determine likeness between species. One last proof that evolution exists is embryological. At one point in embryo development, they all look almost exactly alike. This shows that these organisms have a common ancestor and...