Fixation with having control

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One in control has authority which is highly valued. What ever my future career I want to be in control. Humans are enthralled by the lives of people in control. If in control you make the rules for people to follow. People are so concerned with being in control because they want to make decisions not choices.

Everyone wants control because people with control hold benefits. They are in charge and they make the standards for other people, including themselves. I never actually thought about control as the word itself but I always talk about things that mean the same as control. I've always said since I was very young that I want to be the owner of my own business, and I want to have a career where people follow my rules. I wouldn't want to work in a place where I follow the dress code because I want to be the one to set the dress code.

I've said such things because I know that I want to have control because people with such ranking seem to be living good and less stressful. I know (what many people seem to forget) that you have to start from the bottom to the top, meaning one has to follow the rules before they can make the rules. The advantage of being in control is much desired.

The media has a great influence on society's infatuation with control. "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", "MTV Cribs", "How I'm Living", and Michael Jackson's backyard, is all influential on the fixation of having control. Seeing such can make even people who are living well be unsatisfied with their status. People in control seem to do less work opposed to the ones not in control that does all the hard work yet make much...