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Destiny Daniels

Step Team Essay

I joined the South High step team because I thought it would be a fun experience. I was in stomp in 7th grade, and I loved it. When I saw the steppers at the rally, they look liked they were having so much fun and I just had to join. Once I made the team I realized that there was some negativity, which made me have second thoughts about being on the team. This was only after 2 days (practices) of being on the team.

To make a good team, we have to work well together. You have to know how to work together properly and communicate appropriately. Good communication doesn't mean yelling at each other. We all have to be patient with one another and learn how to get our message across without arguing, interrupting or yelling. At the same time, people want to feel as though their voice is being heard; if people feel that they are not being listened to, they get frustrated which normally starts an argument.

Another thing is not judging others on what or how they do the things. If someone does something differently or wrong, that doesn't mean you talk about the person. If anything you should be trying to help them do it correctly. Everyone should get along when the team or group is together and apart. We need to learn how to work with each other even if we 'dislike' each other because in life you'll have to deal with people you don't like. Regardless of what is going on outside of the team, we need to try our best to find solutions to our problems. It is really important because if you bring problems in the group then that starts gossip and creates a...