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After laying off more than 40,000 employees and closing 16 plants, Ford Motors is desperate to stop its downward spiral. On January 25, 2007, Ford reported a record setting full-year net loss of $12.7 billion in 2006 following a loss of $9.9 billion in 2005 (Ford Financial Results News Release 1/25/2007). The United States automotive market has historically been dominated by the three biggest Detroit automakers (Ford, DaimlerChrysler, and General Motors) with Ford traditionally leading the way with a 25% market share in the mid 1990's. Ford's market share slid to 17.4% in 2005 and continued down to 16.5% in 2006 according to Autodata Corp. In addition to substantial financial losses, Ford has also experienced an upheaval in senior leadership and the internal organization structure. Ford Motor Corporation is hoping its new "Bold Moves" integrated marketing campaign will help refresh Ford's image, reinvigorate sales, and renew competitive performance.

Ford launched its "Bold Moves" campaign in the spring of 2006 with a television ad during the popular "American Idol" program.

With the "Bold Moves" campaign, Ford seeks to draw in consumers and align the bold moves people make in their every day lives with the bold moves Ford is making to get back on track. George Rogers, president and CEO of JWT Detroit, the advertising agency that developed "Bold Moves" for Ford described the campaign, "'Bold Moves' is so much more than a tag line change. It's a new way of thinking at Ford that delivers marketing actions and more brand and customer focus." (Ford Press Release May 2006) Ford seeks to engage customers more with their new campaign and expand from the traditional forms of media such as television and magazine advertising.

The specific goals and objectives of Ford's "Bold Moves" campaign are multi-faceted. Ford seeks to improve consumer attitude...