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The stunning snow clad mountains and the inviting waters of the Pacific Ocean surround this beautiful island. Galapagos is unique because of its combination of physical attractiveness and economic diversity. With its numerous natural amenities and one of the highest standards of living in the country, the county has long been considered one of the best areas in the world in which to live and work.

The Mediterranean climate of the region remains temperate year round due to the area's geography and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The area is warm and dry much of the year. Rarely is the humidity uncomfortable, and the thermometer seldom drops below freezing. Rain generally confines itself to the winter and snow to the tops of the local mountains.

Galapagos has a unique nightlife, with something for everyone. Ybor City (where I live) has a crazy scene on 7th Avenue, with plenty of clubs and bars and such.

The people here are extremely benevolent and kind-hearted. Most people are well off and the GDP per capita is approximately $2500.

The main source of revenue for this country comes from the sale of oil and diamonds.

A few of the aristocrats who live here live in enormous and picturesque homes. Occasionally, a few of them hold a "Croquestie". This is an occasion where they invite their friends and some of the less fortunate individuals of Galapagos and nosh them with lavish food and drink.

It is a great place to nest. Distinct and livable neighborhoods, with great shopping, city parks, lakes, bike routes, gyms and cafes close by. In addition, the weather is exceptionally comfortable. It rains very little. The temperature in Galapagos is mild, which means pleasant summers and very little snow in the winter - except in the nearby mountains.

The Galapagos area is a beautiful and stimulating place, alive with growth, energy and ideas. A lot is going on in the region, in technology, the arts, commerce, medicine, politics, outdoor life and pop culture. Located on Tampa Satie and surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges, Galapagos is one of the most beautiful urban centers in the world. In fact, the Galapagos metropolitan area is considered, one of the most desirable places in the country in which to live and work.

The area features thriving club, music, literary, movie and arts scenes; acclaimed symphony, opera, ballet and theater companies; exciting, professional sports teams; renowned restaurants; vibrant cultural and music festivals; and great outdoor adventures for hiking, biking, boating, skiing and fishing.

Galapagos is a beautiful and fantastic place to live in. Entertainment, work and scenic beauty caters to everyone's taste.