Gasoline Prices An Outrage of Increase.

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Gas price increases have become completely out of line with what people are willing to pay or, what people can afford to pay. It has become a burden to human individuals. There is a world-wide dilemma as to who is getting rich on the increased rates for gas, while the poor working person struggles to heat his/her home on the meager salaries provided. Somewhere lies an answer for this global predicament we have gotten into.

Fuel and gasoline prices have fluctuated up and down in all towns, cities, and states across the nation. In fact, the entire world is seeing some fluctuation on their fuel costs. Supply and demand generates great increases in costs, due to the general need of the resource: people driving automobiles back and forth from work, performing daily mundane chores, heating their homes, or, as simple as taking an airplane trip to visit someone. "Gasoline price movements are a direct result of the daily, voluntary choices made by buyers and sellers of gasoline in response to market supply and demand conditions."

(Leham 7). It is true that today's prices are lower than they have been in recent months. But the current prices remain well below historical highs.

Several things affecting the prices of fuel are crises that occur due to ravishing storms or the global economic situation. A storm such as Hurricane Katrina devastated the oil refinery on the tip of New Orleans. "Hurricane Katrina kept energy production all but paralyzed yesterday in one of the nation's main oil-and-gas hubs, shuttering refineries, raking offshore oil platforms and closing pipelines." (Weisman 1) Another cause for fuel prices that have been on the recent rise is the problems with Mid-Eastern nations where most of our crude oil supply comes from. The entire oil industry is put in...