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Everyone on Earth over the age of 5 knows that men and women are different. They are different in almost every way, from women's sense of style to men's ignorance of women's feelings. We're all different. Of course men and women do shop differently, but how do I shop vs. how my 16 year old sister shops? While my sister and I might different, I think some things between us are not that different in some ways.

My sister, Megan, likes to shop at every store that might have something that would be of interest to her. Some of those stores are Old Navy, Target, Mervyns, etc. which happen to have her favorite things, clothes and apparel. But she also likes to go to electronic stores like Best Buy when she wants a CD or DVD that just came out. I, on the other hand, like to shop at electronic and video game stores, like Fry's, Best Buy, GameStop, etc.

to see what all the cool newest games and gadgets that are out.

When I go shopping, I have a certain item in mind and I go find it. And I usually go to a couple other stores and see what they have and see if they have a better price or if they have a packaged deal on the item I'm looking for. My sister goes in just to shop for fun most of the time, but she also goes in looking for something particular sometimes. But always she looks at a lot of other stores just to see if there is something she wants too.

When looking for clothes, Megan goes in to her stores and she tries on everything, from shoes to hats. And if she finds something that she likes, she might buy it. Every...