Gender Socialization in the Media (television)

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For the past two years I have been watching the show "Lost". This show is a series that is on every Wednesday at 9:00pm on ABC. It is not a reality show, it has a large cast of about 25 people and it's an ongoing saga that continues from week to week. The show is about these people that were in a plane crash and they landed on this strange island. The island has super natural forces that are evil and kill people. When the plane crashed it split in two separate pieces so people ended up on two ends of this large island. Many couples were split apart not knowing their loved ones are still alive but just on the other side. The people on the island had to automatically take roles on this uncivilized island. They had to decide who would find help, who would search for food and who would help the wounded.

We find out through their flashbacks each persons life outside of this island which helps to explain their personalities and gender stereotypes.

There is no one specific main character in the show because the cast is so large but Dr. Jack Sheperd took on the main character role in the first episode. He became the leader of the group on his side of the island. He was the decision maker in decided to cremate the passenger's bodies that didn't survive. He is also a doctor so he saved many peoples lives. As a male doctor his character expresses intelligence and leadership. He has continued throughout the show to remain in his role and be their leader on the island.

On the other side of the island Ana Lucia, a women, took on this masculine leader role. She is very tough and mean,