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Life is like an enormous theatrical performance, each person having the leading role, ready to determine his/her destiny. For each event in your life, you can reflect upon a stimulus, a cause. Yet there are so many events, so many years, days, hours, seconds in one's life. Which is the one, that one moment in time which knowingly or unknowingly changed your life to lead you to be just that, you? For many, it is impossible to pinpoint that moment. Yet for others, that time, place, and situation sits implanted in their mind like a snapshot in time.

Picture, if you will, a plump young boy of age ten. Never before had he, been exposed to life outside his fifth grade classroom and his immediate family. Timid and shy, he decided he had listened to his mother's continuous nagging for the last time. That weekend, he would do as she said and 'just go' to see an audition for the community's production of the musical Oliver.

He arrived on time, the hustle and bustle of signing in all very new to him. There was no way he would actually get up on stage and sing for that skinny man with the clear acrylic braces showing on his teeth who was seated at the piano. Yet, he had struck a deal with his mom to wait and observe, leaving at any time he felt he wanted to.

Twenty minutes later, he watched his mother from a different perspective: just a dot in a sea of other mothers sitting in the audience. As he stood in that group of ten youngsters, his meager vocabulary could not describe the fear in his body. didn't know what a mark on his life the next few moments would make when he sang his heart out...