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Cheers. For the friends. For the people that support me in all my deeds. For them, who I share my most wonderful moments with. For these souls that have become a part of my own and our feelings are a whole.

Friendship is a miracle. It is like building a puzzle and when you have become connected with your friends you turn in one whole, you make sense and feel complete.

The bigger the puzzle - the better. But a person must feel sure that the parts that he adds are the right ones, the pieces, which match absolutely, with no slight difference. Because this will break the whole and your picture will ruin.

Loneliness leads to nowhere. People are not suitable for the role of lone wolves. You can't wander through the misty roads of life only by yourself, because the journey will end sooner than you think and hope.

Humans need support. No matter how strong physically and mentally you are, it is a relief to know that there is someone who will hurl himself in the abyss to help you. Even the friend's hug or smile will make you feel calm, sure and confident. Humans need joy. It is happiness to be in the company you like and feel loved in. Close your eyes...imagine and think about the wonderful moments that you have spent with your friends. They pass like scenes of a movie through your head - laughter, different situations, actions and activities that you would never have done by yourself, because you wouldn't have the courage, the will, the mood.

So I drink to the health of people, to the ones I know and love, to the ones I don't get on with, and to the ones that I have never met. Let you all...