The graphic Organizer

Essay by mcdonaldr April 2005

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The Graphic Organizer

Ron W. McDonald


Lois Blyden

April 4, 2005

The Graphic Organizer

Critical thinking or logical reasoning is used quite often in problem solving. Most people use this reasoning rather they know it or not ( Heath, 1995). Most management personnel have been trained to use some form of logic. In the field of Engineering, Critical thinking is used exclusively. I have been trained in the field of engineering and always think in a logical sequence. There came a problem that would test this sequence, which has been so stamped in my brain.

I recently was in the middle of taking a class at the University of Phoenix and my computer system had to be swapped out for a new one. At first, I thought this would be a relatively easy problem. However, before the problem was actually solved it proved to be more involved than I realized.

Since I also used this computer in my computer repair service, this was going to prove to be a difficult business decision.

The decision making model that identified with and did not know it was the Graphic Organizer. The steps for this model are identified below.

identify and define the problem;

identify the desired goal or condition;

consider obstacles to the goal or condition;

identify alternatives;

examine alternatives;

rank alternatives;

choose the best alternative ;

evaluate the actions.

First, I had to identify the problem and decide what my budget was for this project. After that was resolved, I had to decide how fast the switch could be made, since I had a essay paper due and a business to run. My time was very limited, therefore, I decided to use my three source comparison method. The three source comparison method involved getting the specification on three same or...