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Heather Hansen Argumentative Essay Module 7

Professor: Michael Holt Due: 6/23/2014 @ 11:59pm Thanks SmartThinking Staff!

Homeschooling has grown in popularity for a wide variety of reasons. I agree with most whom may claim homeschooling for children is bad because children spend too much time at home, indoors, lacking interaction. However, I have found this to be untrue considering these routes to education involve much more than initially originated. I just may consider homeschooling equal, or even superior to public and private routes leading to proper education. For example, support groups, co-op families and community structured sport teams,' makes this process much more communal than the unfortunate earlier homeschool graduates did. While it may cost more for parents over time, I maintain that homeschooling compensates by providing freedom, allowing the parents to assess academic needs expeditiously, and students receive prompt feedback on assignments.

Parents gain much freedom from homeschooling. From small luxuries such as, smoother mornings with less rush and freedom to travel whenever they would like.

Children, on the same hand, have choices that enable them to learn what they need to. As a former student of both a public and private institution, I know a student spends days on a lesson, even if they have comprehended the subject entirely by day one. Conversely, a student in those same schools can spend too little of time on a subject they are lacking in. Homeschooled students can study with this, otherwise wasted, freed up time to work on subjects in which they are struggling. Children whom are homeschooled, especially elementary children, retain much added freedoms from bullies, wardrobe brand pressures, and exposure to drugs.

Another benefit at home is parents freely evaluate their children's development within each subject. Unlike other institutions, parents do hold the power to put emphasis on...