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Is a Goal Not Worth Striving ForIn what way does one live forever? Can the corporeal form continue to exist? The fact that all human beings are mortal in our biological bodies cannot be overlooked. Our mortality begs us to look for immortality. Immortality is defined by Merriam-Webster as "lasting fame or unending life". It seems that immortality is a notion that lets an individual's legacy live on. An individual who will be known for the rest of time can surpass his failures in life to become someone admired in the eyes of many. Many societies have an outstanding respect and admiration for their elders. This is the basis for the naïve to support an argument for eternal fame. As for the notion of unending life what has to be taken into account is the grounds for which this insurmountable goal or hope is looking to occur, the real world.

Immortality is an impossible outcome for human beings and the extent to which we strive towards it only indicates our dependence on our mortality and yearning for a means of which to surpass the fear we have of death.

Immortality through works of history is an idea that is based on a complete misconception. Even through written accounts of one's actions or existence one can be lead to believe that they know that individual, but it is still just a theory of what that individual was. We are given a name at birth and decide that we are going to be known by it for the rest of our continued existence. Our achievements are then attached to that name. That is basically what books tell us of a person, what his name was and what he did, not who he was. The fact is that no consciousness can be completely...