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Aurora Olvera

31 January 2014

Assignment 1

Think about the last few times you listened to a speaker. This can include teachers giving a lecture, someone addressing a small group, or maybe you've gone to see a professional speaker.

Write down three things that you liked about one or more of the speakers.

Next, write down three things you disliked about the speakers.

Keep those items close at hand. Add to the lists as you listen to other speakers. By keeping a list of what you like and what you dislike, you'll be building a "do" and "don't" list for your own speeches.

Things I like:

Comic relief- Balances serious speech with adding a few comical remarks that make me smile or giggle. This keeps me interested in what they have to say.

Provided some sort of visual to follow with speech and you can take it with you to remember the speech

Called people out and involved us by making eye contact as if w were having more of a conversation

Smiling, exciting attitude

Good pronunciation

Things I don't like:

Leads off into mini subtopics or different conversations unrelated to the main topic.

Talks too long to where they are only repeating the same information without adding anything new.

Trailed off into awkward moments of silence. This made me become distracted at parts of speech.

No eye contact

Boring/ Don't want to be here attitude

Aurora Olvera

31 January 2014

Assignment 2

The next time you sit and view a public speaker, a professor will do just fine, make a point of listening for critical thinking. Answer these questions:

Is the speaker on one single topic, or is he/she wandering?

For the most part stays on one topic. At times gives an example of their personal life that...