Internet Debacle.

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The Internet Debacle

Music resonates everywhere, whether people chose to hear music or not. For example department stores, amusement parks, highway rest stops, and restaurants can all be found playing music openly. Music comes from within, but to some, comes from Internet websites that provide an easy and open door to the music industry. Until fairly recently, the music industry has regarded file-sharing as a threat, and has sought to outlaw websites such as Kazaa, which allow users to swap music files online. Internet downloads are good for the music industry and the artists because it is a free process, creates great marketing opportunities, and increases album sales.

Technological advances designed to make the consumer's life easier and better have made downloading music a free task. Evidence that material available for free online downloading, causes financial harm to anyone cannot be found. Young adults, the targeted audience, do not have the enjoyment of having jobs that pay well leaving them without the ability to purchase albums on a free lance.

Also, college kids, falling out of the loop hole as well, cannot afford to buy ten new CDs a month but want to hear their favorite groups. Although free comes easiest; most consumers have no problem paying for their entertainment. One has to look at the success of websites offering music at reasonable prices to understand that because they are continually growing in success. Consumers taking on financial responsibilities for the industry's financial structures, which indeed have been around far longer than the Internet, should become a dreadful thought to people. Hence, a no control obligation of purchasing music makes people happy, so indeed free works.

In addition, far from damaging the music industry, downloading music from the Internet induces an all-purpose, cogent marketing tool. When thinking about it, the...