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Essay by stansz April 2006

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Last month, my band teacher told our jazz band about a show we had to perform at. It was at the new Save-on-Foods Memorial Arena for the finals of the World Curling Championships. First off, what a tasteless name, the Save-on-Foods arena, and secondly, I dislike curling, because I bumped my head once curling.

My first thought when we were told about the concert, was "the arena will not be ready". The arena was suppose to be done last August, it still wasn't done, so I didn't take the rehearsals too seriously, plus all the songs we were going to play were easy, I had been playing them for 2 years, no problem. Practice was as usual, the band teacher telling us to take the concert seriously, and practice; of course, I didn't. As the date came closer, and the round robin (for curling) started, I realized that we actually had to perform for the finals.

However, I still didn't practice too hard, because all the pieces were easy. On our last practice before the concert, we were all told to be at the new arena before 8 o'clock in the morning. This did not go well with us. On Sunday morning, waking up at 7 wasn't exactly ideal. However, we all knew this was an extremely important event, so we didn't grumble too much.

The finals were on Sunday, and on the Saturday before, I fell asleep thinking about the crowd at the arena. Sunday morning, I woke up thinking "it's too early to perform". Truthfully it was excessively early. I got up at 6:30 am. In addition, I was the first student there at the arena, so I had to help unload all the equipment; trust me when I say, at 7:30 in the morning I rather...