Kudler Fine Foods – Website Evaluation

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Kudler Fine Foods - Website Evaluation

Team A

R. Renee Brown, Dominick Harrison, Jeromy Rowe, Kathy Safaei, and Marco Sinor

Lara Heberlein

Web Design -VCT 310

July 7, 2008



Team A is presenting information about Kudler Fine Foods company website, which sells non-organic varieties of food and fresh organic products. The research results are primarily from internet resources. The research results exhibit the suggested improvement by Team A Consultant Services. The scope of the research incorporates information concerning design, layout, style, artistic quality, and ease of navigation.


Kudler Fine Foods - Website Evaluation

Kathy Kudler is the founder of Kudler Fine Foods. Established in 1998, the company has three locations located in California: Del Mar, Encinitas and La Jolla. Ms. Kudler has in the past hired specialists to give advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing professional photographers or creating the infrastructure for in-house photographs and also informed us that she had commercial stock photography to increase sales.

At this time Ms. Kudler now wants specialists like the Team A Consultants to evaluate the quality of the website and suggest improvement that could be made for the improvement of sales to the business. The Team A Consultants will propose vibrant, exciting ideas for Kudler Fine Foods website such as design and layout, style and artistic quality, and finally ease navigation.

Design and Layout

The website should start with a welcome message telling customers who Kudler Foods is, and why they should shop there. This can be accomplished by providing a brief background of the founder, Kathy Kudler, and a history of the store, outlining what sets Kudler Foods apart from their competition. The first page of the website should also include easy to find links to the various pages of the site. The...