Lifestyle of a Stripper

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Strippers, prostitutes and porn stars are the forgotten women of American society. Men adore them for their sexual prowess. Women despise them for their blatant sexuality. Prejudiced against as a result of their career choices, these women are truly outcasts. Exotic dancing in the United States is often considered an immoral activity. Women in the exotic dancing world are the subjects of scorn and ridicule all across the country. However, some women are able to take this situation and turn it to their advantage. By creating an illusion or fantasy in the three main areas of the club (the stage, the floor, and back room) many dancers feel that they are able to elevate themselves to a position of power over the patron. This perceived power not only allows the dancer to have control over the situation, but also allows the dancer to make money and possibly other material gains.

In this paper, I will attempt to extract strippers lifestyle and there occupation as they live the life of a stripper.

Some strippers love to strip (exotic dancing in nude) because they enjoy the environment and the lust that follows it. A dancer in San Francisco feels different about exotic dancing. She thinks of it as an art, and she feels that she can create her own performance when she's on stage as she can choreograph her moves and her likes. "I love the dancing; I love the art of it. I love to be on stage performing, and I love to create new stuff to perform. There are some basic things you have to do," she explains, "like be totally naked by the end of the dance, do something with the pole at some point, and make sure that you've touched yourself, but other than that, anything...