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This marketing plan is prepared to explain the goals and objectives of a dedicated marketing function within The Swatch Group (Swiss) when The Swatch Group (Swiss) exports Natural Sign Swatch Watch to Malaysia. This plan draws on the experience of marketing professionals in this industry as well as professionals in the advertising, marketing and community relations' disciplines of the private sector. The target market is for youngsters aged between 18 years old to 25 years and the price is $50. The goals of The Swatch Group marketing organization are to:

Provide necessary and useful information to customers and potential customers to enable easier use and understanding of this watch.

Successfully merchandise this watch. (Swatch AG, 2004)


Population and Society:

Malaysia has a population of about 22 million. It is a multi-racial country whose social integration has become a model for the rest of the world.

Almost 80% of the total population lives in the Peninsular.

(Washington D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000)

The lifestyle here is progressively becoming more and more modern with great exposure to the western culture. Many Malaysian youngsters do enjoy their night-outings to discos and bars. (Washington D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000)


Malaysia is generally warm throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 21° C to 32° C in the lowlands. However, this can be as low as 16° C in the highlands. Annual rainfall is heavy at 2,500mm (100 inches). Generally, Malaysia has two distinct seasons. The dry season occurs during the south-west monsoon from May and September. The northeast monsoon brings the rainy season to the country during mid-November till March. By this information, The Swatch Group has to change the function of this watch to fit the climate of Malaysia. (Washington D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000)


The National Language and main official language in Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia and the second official language is English. Other major languages used are Chinese and Tamil. As a result, The Swatch Group need to has the promotions and catalog books that with this two main languages-Bahasa Malaysia and English. (Washington D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2000)


Distribution of Population:

Due to cultural analysis above, this watch can be concentrate selling in the urban such as KLCC, Lot 10 Shopping Center, etc. and also suburban such as One Utama, etc. (Swatch AG, 2004)

Economic Statistic and Activity:

In Malaysia, the rate of growth (real GDP) is 4.1% and the personal income per capita is $8800 in year 2002. Therefore, the inflation rate (consumer price) is 2.8% in year 1999. By this information, The Swatch Group can set up the price of this watch and $50 is appropriate. (The World Factbook, 2003)

Channel of Distribution:

There is only one main import agent in Malaysia. It is The Swatch Group (Malaysia) SDN BHD, which located in Kuala Lumpur. On the other hand, there are seven main retailers in Malaysia: Kinta City Shopping Center (Ipoh), Mid Valley Megamall (KL), Lot 10 Shopping Center (KL), Penang Plaza (Penang), Time Square Shopping Mall (KL), Suria KLCC (KL) and One Utama (PJ). But, this watch also sells by other middlemen such as watch shops that in the shopping center such as Cheras Leisure Mall. The scale of operation in those retailers is large and the methods of operation are cash and credit. (Swatch AG, 2004)


Product Adaptation:

This watch will selling fast at everywhere because of its outlook that is attractive and lovely for girls. Therefore, within the lifestyle of youngsters, Swatch is well-known brand, simple and has an easy function compare to other brands such as Casio. On the other hand, customers can have a look on it and wear it before buy it. (International Marketing Project)

Even though Swatch is well-known, but it also facing many problems. The main problem is Swatch has many competitors such as Morgan, CK, Guess and etc. Those brands are far more well-known compare to Swatch within those who are like to 'play brands'. Therefore, Swatch's competitors are likely to have more promotions such as Gucci has a promotion that if consumers buy a Gucci watch, then can get a free gift.

Market Analysis:

Consumer buying habits are based on the quality and outlook on the product. Since the price of the product matches its quality, then customers will buy it and become consumers. So, the price of this watch is matches its quality and its outlook is attractive, youngsters will decide to buy it. (IMM - Practice of Marketing)

As a result, The Swatch Group's strength is the outlook of its products is attractive and special. Its weakness is sometime the prices of some watches are not matching their qualities. Its opportunity is consumers buying habits based on outlook of the watch in first sense and finally its threat is its competitors have a high quality in their watches. (IMM - Practice of Marketing)


With this preliminary marketing plan, The Swatch Group can evaluate the 4P's and SWOT. Therefore, The Swatch Group can focuses on the data that adapted to particular company and product needs.

The Swatch Group also can focus on product categories, whereas data in this are brand-specific and are used to determine competitive market conditions and market potential. Therefore, it also provides an estimate of industry sales and identifies competitive firms that are presently in this market.


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