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This is a team and not an individual exercise. Please organize your plan into the following sections. You can prepare the plan in the form of bulleted points rather than text. Each section should be limited to one page in length. Please submit your plan by midnight on July 4, 2014 in the drop box on D2L.

Executive Summary

A brief overview of the main goals and recommendations stated in the plan.



Market Share in the Sonite and Vodite markets and net marketing contribution for the next period.


In each of the two markets - Sonite and Vodite - what is the desired market position (Market leader, follower or niche player) in 5 periods from now.


Short-term: Markstrat decisions for the next period.

Long-term: Recommended new products to achieve the desired long-term goals.

Market Situation

Which markets (sonites/vodites) are more atractive?

Which segments of the sonite and vodite market are

more attractive overall and for your firm?

subject to price pressures?

Which channels are gaining importance?


Describe each competitor in terms of its

- shares in the Sonite and Vodite markets

- R&D strengths and success in introducing new products

- pricing tactics (premium, middle-of-the-road, low-end)

- distribution strengths

Profile the future behavior of each competitor in terms of

Expected product introductions

Pricing strategies

3. SWOT Analysis

What are your key strengths and weaknesses?

What opportunities can you take advantage of?

What threats should you guard against?

4: Recommendations

- For each segment that you are currently operating in, should you stay in the segment?

- Should you harvest/divest any of your products?

- Which distribution channels should you concentrate on?

- Should you focus on the Sonite or Vodite markets or operate in both?

- How much importance should you give...