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1In my opinion, many people lack the basic life skills called Living Skills. This is not to say that most people do not have the skills needed to stay alive, to breath, eat or take care of themselves or their homes. The Living Skills I am referring to are referenced at the website linked below. Most of the skills on this website are commonplace, really. There is one however, that seems to be lacking more and more in today's society. That is the understanding of universal life themes. The website,Basic Life Skills: Skills For Succeeding In Life, defines Living Skills thusly: To understand universal life themes and how to turn them from abstract concepts into concrete actions.(1). These life themes are listed as justice, freedom, honor, integrity, respect, fairness, ethics, love, jealously, joy, and greed.

What is Justice? Many people today do not understand justice as they used to.

Take for example the many trials in which a man is arrested for kidnapping, molesting/raping and sometimes killing a child. Please forgive this graphic of an example, but it has been all too prevalent in today's society and is an issue that I am very vehement about. Through plea bargains and soft judges, many of these men are allowed to serve very short prison sentences and a required to spend only five to ten years on probation, or get off with only probation. Granted some laws are getting tougher, but where is the justice for the child who's life is gone? Where is the justice for that child's family who must live with the knowledge that their precious little one was tortured and/or killed and they will, in some cases, never see the child again. There are many cases just like this, and have been too many cases like...